Afraid Animals Baby Socks

Knee high socks

for your cutest set of feet

Modern sock designs to keep baby's feet covered and warm.
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Cute Animals

Unique and fun designs keep baby looking stylish.

Two Sizes

Two sizes ensure that baby gets the right fit.

Afraid Animals - Gale
Afraid Animals - Gale

Socks That Stay Up

A ribbed elastic band to keep baby’s socks up and on.

Warm and Cozy

Knee high length keep baby’s legs and feet warm.

Ships from USA

You don’t have to worry about long shipping waits with us. Your order ships from our office in the US within 1-2 business days (usually same day)!

Emotional Intelligence

Afraid Animals characters encourage emotional awareness for kids. We believe that learning to recognize, identify and respond to one’s emotions helps raise better kids.

Great Baby Shower Gift

Perfectly packaged and usable from day one, Afraid Animals baby socks make a wonderful baby shower gift!

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Eco Friendly Packaging

Our packaging was carefully and thoughtfully planned to be environmental friendly and recyclable. The plastic is made of a combination of 100% recycled rPET and PET plastic. Our container is made of natural fibers and is biodegradable and compostable.

Easy Open

We eliminated all of the small plastic tags and fasteners that often accompany children’s products. Our package easily slides open to reveal your Afraid Animal. 

Afraid Animals
Afraid Animals